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You might have seen the RoboCop movie and the background music just was amazing to listen to. Simple and neat, here is a small music clip to enjoy. 

An extended version of the music to listen continuously repeating itself. 

Pedro Bromfman is the music composer for the film RoboCop 2014 who has amazingly composed the music for it. Here's a video of Pedro Bromfman discussing about the scoring music.

Here is the complete sound track of the RoboCop 2014 movie. Composers : Bruce Fowler, Kevin Kaska & Pedro Bromfman

Here is a small clip to enjoy, Mash up of the two RoboCop movies 1987 & 2014. Mark Ron made his first mash up and it was the title tracks of the movies RoboCop 1987 & 2014. Mark Ron uploaded the music to his youtube channel here it is.

Image Source: AverageJoeArt from Deviantart

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