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 Aelita, a little artist who has a taste for her creativity. Know more about her here

Source: Designboom

Performer of "Ring Arts" and suspended the visual arts to transform the multiple rings.

Japan won the tournament as the volume list Dear juggler, magician repeated as regular appearances at the bar in Tokyo, juggling and magic combination of knowledge, technology, configuration, under the cooperation of colleagues, created a ring of arts choreography. This performance video was posted to YouTube video posting site, become a popular topic of conversation in the media each topped 1 million in early play. Appeared on many TV shows at home and abroad, was highly regarded such as "SHOWTIME in the world." Performance with a focus ring arts-Ouka-enjoying, which also left anecdote from the organizer show and was almost canceled the appearance and "Do not synthetic CG" from the look unrealistic that, and Beat Takeshi "Wherever you go-class" from where George is "(We) I found, has been acclaimed as" the witch.
The current attention to the story elements and fusion improvisation theater, with pictures, in order to create a new one always, and continues to study every day.

Another video of his performance:

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